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    [Answered] getting started Teensy++ 2.0 help?

    hey guys,

    i just got my Teensy++ 2.0 in the mail

    so at this point, what is the best (combination?) JB software to use, and how to install it onto this board type?

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    1. remember this: at90usb1286 16mhz
    2. get the latest hex/ payloads for your device from the above post
    3. program the hex into your teensy:

    4. jailbreak your ps3: connect the teensy to ps3, power on ps3, push standby button and quickly push eject

    the jailbreak is working when you see the 'Install Package Files' under Game in XMB. This step is quite tricky for first timer. Sometimes you have to connect the teensy to certain usb port on the ps3 in order for it to work. I have the slim ps3 and the jailbreak only work when i connect to the right usb port. try it yourself

    The last one you need to do is install backup manager. Choose one:

    1. Gaia
    2. Cover
    3. Open Manager
    4. MultiMan

    Download the .pkg file, put it in root usb and stick it in your virgin ps3. There's no such thing as the best configuration. Hope this helps...
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