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    [Answered] Gaia always black screen help?

    I have a proper working bd-rom drive but I always get a black screen when trying to launch a game. Games worked before I "installed" moh and switch param.sfo and installed the update from usb. Think it was then it all started.

    Can't load any game now and even when im quitting the ftp-prog it goes black. When im trying with openmanager 2.1G-I think
    it goes black and when pressing ps-button I can see a faded xbm-dash and then it locks up.

    When I go with gaia it turns black and nothing happens when I press ps-button. I have ps3key v4 and it seems to work for lots of people.

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    i sometimes have the same issue! delete gaia and install lastest version

    shut down playstation

    load it bk up without hacking

    then shut it down again

    ^^ (thats so you get a clean shut down and reboot from them 2 steps- helps ps3 as in certain situations the hack wont succeed unless i do this when have to force shut down from crashing etc)

    then load bk up using hack and try again

    also make sure diskless and direct boot are turned offf before you press a X on a game in gaia manager just to double check!

    hope this helps mate.