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    [Answered] formatting ps3 hd question?

    I was wondering if you could choose the format hard drive option to erase all data, like 3.60, and then use a friends ps3 thats still on 3.55 and copy the 3.55 onto the reformatted [should be blank] drive, thus making a new 3.55??

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    no you will be on the fw you're on now or higher, not lower even if you change drives..

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    firmware information is saved in the flash memory of the console, so regardless of the thoroughness of formatting the drive, changing the drives, etc, if you have 3.56/3.60, you wouldnt be able to restore with a lower firmware. the ps3 itself would say that you need to update with firmware 3.60 or higher.

    even if you try to 'update' with a lower firmware, it just wouldn't work and will give you a corrupt error (cant remember exactly what the code was).

    if you put a 3.55 formatted drive into a 3.60, it wouldnt be able to read it until you fix the file system through recovery mode and it'll be on 3.60 once it's done recombobulating the energymotron... or whatever.

    found out through experience.