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    [Answered] Fifth blu-ray drive in 80gb BC console died help?

    I think I just burned through my FIFTH blu ray drive in my 80gb BC console. Unbelieveable. What the heck am I doing wrong? The PS3 is clean, the area isn't too warm.

    It locked up when trying to back up a disc, so I pressed the power button ON THE FRONT to shut if off. Fine, but when I rebooted, it no longer read discs. Its in the middle of a full restore right now. Is there ANYTHING I can do? I'm not fixing it anymore. 5 times is enough.

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    maybe something is wrong with your system, could be a system problem, if i was you, i wouldnt buy any more drives, because it will keep coming back, might as well get the new one, there are a lot of promotion on ps3 right now, for the last 30 days, there was at least 4 deals going on, and i bet they will come back.

    first was amazon, if you buy a ps3 for 299 (no tax for most state + free shipping for all) you get $75 gift card, after that the deal open again for $100, and last week it open again for $50, i bet i will come back very soon...

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    your hard drive is knackered, try plugging it into a pc, format it to ntfs or fat32 then check it for errors if it comes up clean put it back into the ps3 and it will full format it again and you should be good to go. if the error check in windows throws errors though its replacing time.