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Thread: FIFA 11 problem

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    Unhappy [Answered] FIFA 11 problem

    hello everyone

    i have successfully backed up and launched FIFA 11 on my ps3 which suffers from a dead blu-ray driver.

    my problem is, when i try entering career mode, it gets stuck on "entering career mode" loading screen and stays that forever, i have searched around and people say that it works when you put a disk in, an option which i obviously dont have

    currently i am using PSgroove v2 with hermes changes, with backup manager 2 (open manager 1.14.2 also tried, no luck)

    i know my request isnt really very important, but i would appreciate any help or fix for this problem


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    perhaps try hermes v3.

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    Yes, i got that error also on my other console. Fifa seems to need the disc also in Hermes v.3 Sry.

    Its in every mode you want to start.

    Greets modmate