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    [Answered] Entering PS3 Factory Service Mode help?

    Hi All,

    I know this has been posted but all I can find are older posts, etc. I have an Original Fat PS3, the laser is dead on the Disk Drive but the system still reads it as operational. I've formatted the hdd.

    How do I get into the FSM? I've been searching all day, lol. I know how to get out of the FSM but getting into it is perplexing; E3, etc. is not an option.

    Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated, sincerely, ahltru.

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    I believe you need a PS3 dongle or if you are running multiman there is a program you can install to get to FSM.

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    If you know how to get out of FSM you should know how to get into it

    Anyway you need a downgrade dongle that can put the PS3 into FSM or try the tool here: