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    [UnAnswered] Dragon Age: Origins - Awakenings Problem

    Hello, this is my first post and first I would like to say thank you to everyone on this site that is here to help others. I have gotten tons of information from this site that has helped me figure things out, and I appreciate it.

    My problem today is: I backed up Dragon Age: Origins, then went to back up the Awakenings expansion. Awakenings needs the on disk patch installed to play, and of course it won't install in service mode. Can anyone offer any processes that work for this patch please?

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    If you still have the disc, try installing the expansion while you have the disc in. After it is successfully installed, load the game again with backup manager.

    If you know where the expansion files should go, maybe you can just move the files in the right folder. I'm not sure if add-on content works with external HDDs, it might need to be installed on internal. I'm not sure, because I always use internal.