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    [Answered] Downgrade PS3 slim 2504A no audio, video or hdd help?

    Hi there, need some help please.

    i made a nor dump with a flasher. took the sd card afterwards and put it in the pc. on it was a bin file and text file. i read the text file and writing seemed good. i then restored the made nor dump with the E3. Now no audio / video or hdd activity. i tested the nor dump last night without good results.

    Is there a way to recover the PS3 without a good nor dump?

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    It all depends on if the private info is still in the dump. Without the info. Needed for your ps3 the ps3 can't be fixed. I wouldn't be able to help unless I seem the dump. Thanks.

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    A Nor/Nand dump is better checked by guys who know what they are doing. Upload it to some hosting site and private message one of these guys like racer0018.

    Don't post your dump in a forum as it contains valuable info.