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    [Answered] Downgrade PS3 3.50 to 3.41 help?

    Hi there People,

    I recently bought the ps3 1.2 break, but i know i need to downgrade the PS3's current 3.50 to the version 3.41, someone can help me and tell how I do it?

    thank you

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    i am not sure but i guess psbreak has a site, and probably there is files there for how to downgrade, else search is your friend, BTW why would you want to use 3.41 when 3.55 cfw has the same compability afaik as 3.41, but you don't have to patch some games,

    only reason i can see is that you want to play around with payloads, and i am not even sure psbreak is open source?

    Good Luck

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    Mate, if you really want to downgrade, install the gitbrew custom firmware, then install the Q.A. flag extra, then go to the recovery menu and just use a 3.41 firmware as you would normally do as if you were upgrading.

    Good luck

    But then again, as Eikii recomended, the best option is to install a 3.55 custom firmware like KMEAW or ps3mfw v0.2 (with HV and lv2 patched) and then just run your games.
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    Yeah agreed, PS3MFW is really great!

    There is guides for downgrading all over, but as EiKii stated I don't see a standard need to do that...