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    [UnAnswered] Does PS3 Firmware matter anymore?

    I am getting a 60 PS3 for jailbreaking/cfw/etc, and found most being sold with 3.55 installed... would that be alright? Or should I keep looking until I find one with 3.41 or lower? Or is 3.55 okay now with the recent 3.55 jailbreaking news?

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    I moved your thread back here, but to answer things are changing so rapidly it's hard to tell.

    As of today, if you have 3.55 FW you can JailBreak it and run PS3 CFW and signed homebrew but only a few back-ups at the moment as outlined HERE. By tomorrow or next week, who knows, all back-ups may be playable on 3.55 so only time will tell for sure what's coming next.