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    [Answered] Disabling the PS (Home) button help?

    Heyo, was wondering if there is any way to disable the PS button on specific controllers, other than ripping it out of the controller.

    My 3yr old plays PS3 with me but is frequently tempted to press the shiny button in the middle of the controller. >_> I wouldn't want to disable the home button on player 1's controller though. I wonder if something like this would be possible to implement in a program like Multiman.

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    It would be a lot easier to smack his bottom if he does it again. Seriously though its not something that is possible at the moment, there was the report of the controller being remappable but that is highly technical.

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    not without using a programmable adapter or literally removing the button. If it was added to multiman it'd only work while multiman is running (while you are selecting your game) not while a game or application is running.