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    [Answered] Data corrupted on Debug FW 3.15 help?

    Hi all,

    i still own a 60 GB PS3 v3.15. I now wanted to install the debug firmware 3.15. The PS3 even finds the file on the usb stick ("Version 3.15 Location USB device"), but after pressing OK it says "Data corrupted (80029CCA)". Retail 3.15 is working fine. Do you have any ideas what to do now? All debug firmwares here are title with "USA". I'm from germany, is there any difference in the firmwares for different regions?

    THX in advance

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    Since Retail firmware works, I am assuming that you do indeed have a retail system - in which case, no - you can not yet install a debug firmware.

    For your second question, no there is actually no difference between region FW's, they are just labeled as USA, as that is where they came from!