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    [Answered] CVS 3.1 BETA Core OS help?

    I found this tools and says that can fix bricked bios ! I dump my bricked bios i made byte reverse with flowbuilder and made unfied.bin file from my both nand0 and nand1 and put them in cvs and doesn't no process how to ! I see that few lines are red and doesn't no spanish to work with this software if someone knows to put some steps !

    How to fix them and how to save tham back in bin ! I unpacked tham somehow [fixed] but can't no to back them in bin file ! If someone have time to make some steps in english howto please !


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    Hi, I tried to find the Program you used but I couldn't find it? Please describe what you PS3 is doing and what y did to break it?!? E.g. yellow light or red light or just stays on and so on.

    BY the way the PS3 has no bios in the PC sense the PS3 has levels e.g. lv0 and y can damage and try to repair them separately! If you can't be helped here you can consider sending you PS3 to an unbrick service here e.g. Mushy409