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    [Answered] Customize own PS3 Avatars?

    Is there any way to put own Avatars in the PS3 harddrive via FTP now that the PS3 is jailbroken?

    Do anyone know what folder all the Avatars is in? It would be pretty cool to make a own Avatar and use it

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    Not aware of such method. But I'm assuming even if it is it will be server-sided which means only you will be able to see it. + You can't really connect to PSN at the moment, so what's the point

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    there has always been a way, but only you see them, no one else can (& well since your jailbroken, then it really doesn't matter now does it? unless you like one of the lucky few that can actually get PSN with a JB ps3)

    But it's on the HD, i know there was a thread on it awhile back... not sure where tho.

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    Look for some thing like 01.png all the way up to 40.png I think. That's the profile avatar. As for the PSN one, not sure where its cached.