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    Unhappy [UnAnswered] The connection to the server timed out (80710092)?

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    Hello. I have a big problem. I struggled a lot last night to manage to make the internet go on ps3 (my error with the DNS data continuously).

    This morning, I managed (I put some DNS related to IP or something ') and I connected to the Internet. The "Internet Connection Test" and fot Obtain IP and Internet Connection succeeded. After I came home (at 6-7) did not want to go in any way. In that test gives me the ip Obtain succeeded but internet connection failed with error: The connection all the server timed out. (80710092) for 5 hours looking for solutions.

    I think I read 100 different topics, but still fail to make you go... I forgot to mention that I have router, I tried to bag the net through a switch (a walk in the morning) and net cable directly into the console (just as he went), but tonight did not want any method. I can not get rid of this error, although I have changed absolutely nothing to the settings we have done in the morning... I really do not know what to do... I remain deeply grateful if you give me some advice or something... Please...


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    This worked for me through router using manual connection settings auto wouldn't work for me took some stuffing round but got it to work in the end.

    Subnetmask: ???.???.???.???
    Default gateway: PC's IP Address
    DNS: Same as PC for both

    PC: IP ADDRESS: ???.???.???
    Subnetmask: ???.???.???.???
    Defaulat gateway: ip address from ps3
    DNS: ???.???.???

    The easiest way is probly to let it connect to pc first hopefully at least get a connection between them then write down ip address and dns numbers and use them. Don't know if it will work for you but it did for me best of luck.

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    Thank for your answer. I`ll try it.

    Still no working.
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    You got the ports forwarded?

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    I`m not using router. I just entered the net cable in ps3.

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