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    [Answered] Clarification on retail PKG support?

    I'm pretty confused about a few things lol. A few days ago there were a bunch of threads about "Retail pkg support".. Now i can't seem to find them though. Anyways, i was just wondering what exactly that means? I'm using hermes payload v4 now, but it only lets me install the PKG files, if i try to run it, it asks about renewing my license.

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    That is correct. At this moment in time we can install retail packages. But this does not allow us to play unlicensed content.

    What this does allow us to do, is install patches straight from the ps3 when starting a game.

    It also allows us to install demos and patches just by copying them to the flash drive. which is a lot easier than it was before.

    Full retail games? Give it time.

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