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    Arrow [Answered] Cinavia on PS3 help?

    Showtime Player (seems to play a bit fast) seems to work for Cinavia playback on PS3, battle of los angles being most recent movie. But the PS3 must be Jailbroken to have Showtime, any ideas/ workarounds for a NORMAL PS3 would be great, I've tried looking for instructions with DVDFAB and MKV2VOB to remove to audio, but it seems a little to complicated for me, although I'd try again with some more detailed instructions..

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    Battle for la worked fine for me whilst streaming and via usb with no extra software installed.

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    i have wolfman as mkv... but it stops with cinavia... so used mkv2vob... with always transcode DTS and used transcoding codec mpeg-2 fast... no loss of quality and no cinavia rubbish... only tried wolfman tho... see if it helps... good luck.

    also read this:
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    I always use MKV2VOB to convert my MKV files for playback on the PS3. However I don't have a DTS sound system which means I have to CHECK the "ALWAYS TRANSCODE DTS".

    This causes me to still get the Cinavia problem, however, there is a workaround. Here's a video off youtube...

    Another Cinavia bypass/work-around is to do the following:
    • Go to the settings menu on your XMB
    • Go to Sound Settings
    • Click the option on top "Audio Output Settings"
    • Choose Optical Digital and set it up.
    • Then choose Audio Multi-Output, turn it On.

    There you go, no more Cinavia protection.. if you still have the problem turn Audio Multi-Outtput off.
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