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    [Answered] Is it by chance possible to JB a PS3 over 3.55 yet?

    I realize this is probably answered somewhere but I did a quick look and I can't find any luck. I had originally Jailbroken my PS3 before on 3.41 when it was doable, but my girlfriend updated the PS3 some months back.

    I think I'm on 3.60, just wondering if it's still impossible to jailbreak past 3.55? I did see some mention of soldering etc but I'd ideally not like to do that.

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    No, unless you use a mod-chip such as the E3 flasher or Infectus to downgrade your PS3 firmware by following a long procedure first. The E3 flasher doesn't require any soldering since you just clip it on, but if you want to dual boot between firmwares you will have to do some soldering. You can also use the Infectus without soldering anything using a solderless Xbox 360 Clip.

    If you have any more questions don't hesitate asking.

    P.S. In future please post any question regarding the PS3 in the "PS3 Help & Support" section.
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