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    Contributor seanyong's Avatar
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    Confused [UnAnswered] Can't play PSN or disc games on updated CFW help?

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    Hi guys!

    Hi guys i need some help. I updated my PS3 to Rogero's 4.46.1 CFW and updated the MultiMan to 4.46. The problem now is when i tried to load new game like GRID2 or METRO it gives me errors or the system just freezes. It's the same with PSN games. I have a pack full of PSN games for 3.55 system and i can't install any of them. The old games i used to have on the old CFW work fine, but not the new ones. Any suggestions?

    Thank you in advance.
    Regards, Sean.

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    Senior Member Sostanco's Avatar
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    probably you have to unistall them first, for psn game have try with reactPSN? it happen to me too with NFS the run pkg take from PSN

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    Contributor seanyong's Avatar
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    Did not help. I also formatted the system just in case.

    For Disc Based games being run through MM i get Error 80010017
    For PSN when i try to install them (.pkg) i get Error 80029564
    Any other suggestions?

    Really need your help-

    And this msg is what i get when i run ReactPSN
    Attached Thumbnails<br><br> Attached Thumbnails


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    disc based games. the error is the eboot.bin... try resign it to 4.46 or find a update fore the game then it will work..

    your psn games. resign them to 4.46 and try again..

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    Having trouble resigning EBOOT.bin files, always get errors and such... Maybe some tutorials? Or guidance? Please

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    did you try with aldo's tool?

    you already try with a different cfw like Rebug 4.46?
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    There is an easy way, which is to download the original EBOOT for every game instead of resigning it.

    Some guides though:


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    Thank you both, i'll look into it tomorrow when i'll have the time.
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    I would reformat and then install REBUG and use iris manager. it seems to be the best combo for me.

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    drphuz is is a better combo then ROGERO + MM, or is it just a preference of yours?

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