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    [Answered] Can SACD be enabled with a firmware upgrade?

    Got a question for the board:

    I bought my ps3 too late to have SACD playback included, and I've always wondered if the difference between those units that can and cant play SACD is hardware or software. Is there any way of enabling SACD playback on one of the newer 80 gig machines, and if so, how do I do it?

    I'd be willing to pay sony a reasonable fee if they would provide the update and it was technically possible on the newer units.


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    Unfortunately there is no such way to get SACD. It's a hardware issue, not (just) software. If it were otherwise, Sony surely wouldn't have dropped the feature from PS3.

    For more information check the PS3 SACD FAQ:

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    thanks The 7th Taylor, i've also been trying to get info on PS3 SADC playback.