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    [Answered] Can anybody help me downgrade from 3.41 to 1.10 OFW?

    I have tried to downgrade but the only firmware that works is the modded 3.41 pup. I want to go back down to 1.10 OFW. I have the patched lvl2diag.self from jaicrb. Can anybody help me out please? Thanks

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    You can not without enabling the Q & A Flags within the firmware, only then can certain models downgrade that low.

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    you have to update to 3.55 but then you can go to whatever you want, watch video:

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    Excuse my ignorance, but why would you want to downgrade to 1.10 FW?

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    First off you can only go down as far as what you PS3 came out of the factory with, unless you want to risk a brick. Demonhades has a modifed pup that will tell you lowest FW you can downgrade to. Run that first!!

    here is the link:

    And if i may ask why do you want to go all the way back that far?

    Beat me to it HeyManHRU LMAO!!
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