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    [UnAnswered] Bluetooth Headset Problem

    I have a Planatronics 590 bluetooth headset, go into settings and the ps3 picks up the headset, its pairs ok and when im in the accessory settings where you can increse mic volume etc etc, you can hear that the headsets on, but as soon as you exit out of the settings its like the headset stops, (lights are on, but noones home)

    I also have a usb planatronics headset which have very simula problems with. Is there a known fix?

    Thanks in advance

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    Your headset will stay in that state until you go online and connect to game that supports voice chat.

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    If you have some buddies on your list press triangle on them and press Start New Chat this will allow you to voice chat with them and confirm your headset is working or not.

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    Is there a restriction on the type of headset or something? Mine refuses to work (no settings available although it is paired)...

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    I think you go into accessory setting and change it from that menu option

    or it also might be in the same menu as the voice changer
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    Bluetooth devices to save battery go into standby mode as soon as they don't hear the signal for a while. I think, that if you set your headset to be a default output device, then you should be able to hear game music from them, and of course - voice chat