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    [UnAnswered] Blacks ops, connecting to zombies with friends?


    got cod black ops working great and can play online MP and connect with friends in parties and private games etc!

    but when going to zombies its not the case! every invite i send to friends and they send to me says "error Match no longer exists" and when i search for a zombie game normally it says like 1 person/match in the list to find, in my friend it says over 50

    is there another file or another section of the PARAM that needs editing to make zombies connect to the right server etc? (as i cannot see how to work it)

    any help would be amazing and much appreciated.


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    i have the same problem also i can't get multiplayer to work, how did you get yours to work?

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    i don't believe it's because we are running back ups of the game but the game server itself as some of my friends play it on 3.50 with the disc and still run into that problem, they were gonna release a patch to fix this yesterday but they never got to it.