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    [Answered] asbestos 1.5 and lv9 patcher source code help?

    Dear all,

    I want to build asbestos 1.5 to work with SD TV. I am searching from along time but all git and sources i found are dead. Anyone have it? I am also searching for lv9 patcher source code.


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    Forget about source code. After running the bootos installer but BEFORE running the lvl2 patcher, ftp into your ps3 and you'll find the kboot.conf file in /HDD0/ just change the videomode there to 1 or 2 (I think the default is 131) save it and then it will work on SDTV's. Provided you actually install a version of linux that supports that kind of resolution (Alternate or Text install modes basically and not a full GUI install method).