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    Quote Originally Posted by 51N15T3R View Post
    All of these videos on these jailbreak dongles and no one had the idea of plugging it into a PC to see if it shows up or what format it is? I guess vendors wouldn't want anyone to know too much about it or find out customers can just clone them they're self, because then no one would bother buying from the vendors.
    Way back from day one.
    • Can the USB Dongle be dumped? Possibly however initial common attempts to dump it have failed. The dongle is detected as an Unknown USB device in windows. It does not show up as a storage device. Trying to raw dump it with programs like Hex workshop also do not detect it since it doesn’t show as a storage device.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PS3 News View Post
    They are sending out EMS tracking numbers as a few others I know got one, but we didn't get a tracking number yet although they did say they would send the chip out ASAP so maybe we won't get a number and the chip itself will just arrive.
    That's great news Boss. I haven't received a tracking number yet. I never really expected one to be honest.

    My gut feeling is that this thing is going to show up here late next week.

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    If it shows as an "unknown device" you should be able to right click on it in device manager, right click.. properties.. details.

    It should show something like:

    PCI\VEN_14E4&DEV_170C&SUBSYS_30AA103C&REV_02\4&2EC 23395&0&70F0

    Which would be the Vendor and Device ID.

    It could be that they just changed the class of the device so it doesn't show as a memory device... Altho it also could quite easily be a microcontroller too.


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    Try using this.

    Unknown Device Identifier 7.00 (Free)

    I don't know how much info it will give you, but it might help.

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    taobao already sale ps3jailbreak

    chinese auction already sell ps jailbreak and more comments rom

    I do not know what they expect, the device is cloned. He has already sold here, not anywhere, and quickly bought up, but sales are. Already, even at TaoBao is wholesale supply. If they price themselves stuffed it in vain, until they release their jailbreak, the market will be captured by his clones 30-40 $.


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    I'll also be testing this item once it arrive to my door, can't wait!

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    A couple people have messaged me since the board reopened... I have updated the first few posts in this thread with the L-S x3JailBreak details and pics, mainly as it's like 17 pics and we can only attach that many to the Forums.

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    How have these devices been cloned for this long yet there isn't even a full component list (AFAIK) released on the scene yet?


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