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    WIP: Downgrade your PS3 version without previous dumps!

    We announced this notice some time ago, now I would like to show you a picture of the tool I compiled to do the job. You need the mod-chip on your PS3 to downgrade. This mod-chip allows you to take a backup of your current PS3 Firmware that can be restored.

    The news is that before it wasn't possible to downgrade without a previous dump of your own PS3 console's Firmware, but now things have changed. :)

    Using this tool you can modify a NAND backup in order to let the console think it has a lower Firmware version, so later you can use an official Sony upgrade PUP file to "downgrade" to the version you need.

    It has been tested to patch all PS3 Firmware dumps up to 2.10 so far, but is a work-in-progress as we still need to test re-updating more thoroughly.

    I would like to thanks to Gigi and Mainman for their support in this tool, and all the other PS3News Devs for helping us in all our work.

    WIP: Downgrade your PS3 version without previous dumps!

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    Hi, is there a program that places patches on the OFW thus justifying it as CFW? If so, please PM me! Thanks a billion in advance!