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    Videos: Sony PlayStation Move Linux Mouse Driver PS3 Demos

    Today Jacob Pennock has shared some PS3 demo video footage of a PlayStation Move Linux mouse driver he built based off Sony's upcoming Move.Me library.

    Also below is a Gestural Interaction PS3 demo video, essentially a wand-based Linux Media Center using the PS3 Move controller.

    To quote from his blog (linked above): A couple weeks ago at the game developers conference Sony announced a new product called which is basically a C library that allows you to connect the move controller to your computer.

    Is currently in closed beta and I just got access to it this past Thursday. I spent my weekend playing with it and so far I've built a Linux mouse driver.

    Since the Sony software is still closed I'm going to hang on to the source code at the moment, but hopefully by the time it goes public I will be up to polish this up into a nice wand gesture-based Linux Media Center.

    Videos: Sony PlayStation Move Linux Mouse Driver PS3 Demos

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    that is very creative, wonder what could be some other uses for the ps move controller

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    this is pretty freaking awesome.. another win for linux.

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    the old mouse will be flying one day.

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    wow, this is epic and so awesome, lol.