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    1) can you got a RSOD?
    2) can you RETURN to the normal ps3 3.41 fw instead?
    3) if you obtain a RSOD on startup,you can get it back?

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    1) yes, got RSOD plenty of times on my PS3 while messing around flashing different versions of files to dev_flash.Also sometimes it doesnt even show redscreen to just a blackscreen crash on bootup.

    2&3) yes, using service mode payloads for worst cases, and recovery menu for semi bricks it fairly easy to recover and reinstall 3.41 retail, I can't gaurantees in all cases but for example I have tested deleteting over half of dev_flash folder (vsh 85MB) and recovery menu was still working fine , some red screens require service mode to fix, some don't.


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