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    Toucan Sam CJPC's Avatar
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    Well, I'd like to clarify a few things - as stated previously, it's a "custom" dynamic theme more than anything.

    Specifically, it can be re-created with SDK tools, using "p3tcompiler.exe" to generate the PS3 theme, and for the "loadme.fu" - it's actually a RAF file.

    I doubt that Her Majesty's Royal Air Force is going to swoop out of the sky on this one however. Namely it's a Sony file - a "Rich Appearance Format" file made with SDK tools as well such as "raf_compiler.exe" - which will generate a RAF file once passed a properly created XML file.

    Of note however the RAF file should have not been able to be loaded from dev_usb, it should have been loaded from app_home. In a development environment, app_home is a development PC hooked up to a PS3 Development Kit (TEST or TOOL).
    anim_debug Path to the RAF file directly under app_home
    As for the scripting, it is PSJS - which is quite similar to JavaScript, however it does have its differences, PSJS is not as "willing" to go along with things as JavaScript is.

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    I can confirm it's working on CECHC 60GB FW 3.15. Its a shame SKFU released it before he and the other pros found a way to open the system to homebrew with it (if thats even possible). Then the slims would get hacked too! Still, very nice find.

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    I confirm it working on PS3 SLIM 250Gb FW 3.30... and now??

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    a nice exploit but it may be fixed in a firmware update, still nice work skfu...

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    i think he did a good job by releasing it. yeah we know $ony will patch it, but if you guys are so dying for homebrews, you should simply not update. now with this exploit exposed to a lot of ppl, maybe there is a chance to open up this system.

    oooh by the way it's working on the slim as well

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    Well awesome work SKFU , i was laughting at all, on how you are joking on EGOHOT ahaha.. Awesome again!

    Just believe if its working with Retail FULLY (i mean we get working ISOs from HDD on Retail with that).
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    Does this mean we can create our own custom themes? If so would somebody be working on a GUI? or is this just purely a POC as it stands?

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    hey guys i have install the theme on my ps3 40 gb.

    and the theme exploit worked, is that mean the loadme.fu is worked now on on my system?

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    Great work SKFU, finally something to see with our own eyes and nice music indeed.. anyone knows the title?

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    That's what i was meaning when i am saying that if you try enough hard you will succeed!!!


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