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    Quote Originally Posted by 12gage View Post
    i hate to sound stupid but does this only work on modchipped systems, or is this modified to work on any 3.41 system? thanks in advance.
    nothing is modded its just a hack through the usb real easy to do if you have a Palm Pre.

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    i do indeed and I can't wait to try thanks so much.

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    can someone make an app for this with the provided tools? I think that would be much easier than having to open Terminal each time and typing the script just to play something. One push of an app and it automatically turns ur phone to usb hub mode and runs the hack, close the app and phone is back to normal.

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    Anyone think this can be ported to a dell axim x50 or any other old PDAs?

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    use ipod to jb ps3?

    guys i have a question. i am not a hacker or anything but i came up with an idea. i did a little googling on it, and this is what i came up with.

    does it mean we can use the palm pre jailbreak on ipod/iphone through this emulator to jailbreak the ps3?

    if not is there an emulator that can?


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