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    Hi, where do I upload those files? I think files:


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    nvidia drivers are all x86, not powerpc/cell, and have no source, so can not be recompiled for the different architecture.

    this boots linux, but uses a pc to serve the files that are normally on the hard disk over the network instead. He says you can do it from internal hdd though.

    if you didnt understand this from the original info provided, your probably better off waiting a little for a more noob friendly method.

    proper rsx support probably wont be so easy, will have to wait and see.

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    I'm sure someone made a video driver about the same time OtherOS was removed. Do a google and you might find it.

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    nope there is no linux rsx driver and it'll be a while before the is one. The method graf is using is more effective as it uses a custom hv with linux having full access to the gameOS partition UNENCRYPTED and VFlash too. A hardware video driver isn't that important though as with all hardware unlocked even software rendering will be quick. As for xbmc im not sure there is a PPC port.

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    Thank you very much!!!

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    This is good stuff!!! The PS3 will prove to be a very capable desktop linux system running openbox or other light window manager since there is only 256MB of RAM to core OS and then another 256MB for the RSX. I think once the X11 devs get wind of this it won't be long before we see 3D / h264 decoding.

    XBMC has been ported to the AppleTV 2 ARM platform so this will be easy (I think I read that PPC has been compiled before ?).

    I just received my PS3 320 GIG via credit card reward point so I won't be terribly upset if a brick does happen (read posts mentioning CFW not supporting stock 3.50+ systems) but hoping it does not.

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    It does, up to the 3.55 firmware. The 3.56 works with new keys and the old keys only work on whitelisting bases.

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    Hope i can install this too on Wanki CFW 3.55 Thanks for this news !

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    Made it to the linux boot screen. My Setup (PS3 Slim 320GB, Kmeaw 3.55):

    1. Ubuntu running as a vmware client of windows 7 desktop, the uname -a output is:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    2. I used a wireless bridge with two cheap tp-link wireless routers as a bridge, so my desktop is connected to the ethernet port of one router, I manually set the eth0 inside the ubuntu to use as follows:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    PS3 is connected to the other tp-link router.
    3. I installed everything as detailed in marcan42's posts.
    4. make sure you reboot your PS3 to start from clean
    5. start asbestos loader
    6. start lv2_v9, select linux, hit x

    Viola, you should see a set of penguins. I think this is a giant step.

    Now, there are some show stoppers for me:

    1. my wireless keyboard and mouse combo does not work in the linux prompt for login. (It can be used no problem inside the PS3 GameOS)
    2. Above probably is related to failed to load module usbcore
    3. various other modules failed to load as well, but not so sure how critical they are: rtp-ps3, ehci-hcd, unknown filesystem spufs, /dev/ps3vram stat failed, could not mount all network file filesystem, modeprobe: FATAL: Module index corrupt: Bad magic number.

    Anyhow, that's all I got for now.

    Anyone has any idea on how to fix the usbcore module problem?

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    Thanks for that Dynmosaic, I'm just getting all my things together to set the server up and start the install myself, and seeing you have tested this up to the level i need to get to, thanks for your post.

    On another note, because we now have Linux back, I thought I would look into adding more ram seeing as I have never looked into it until 3 or 4 hours ago. So thinking this and trying to get away from the use of the swap drive all the time in Linux. And having upgrade a sb5100's memory, would there be a way, seeing how cheap ram is, and tones of new info going around.

    Anyway I found it funny in a way finding this old thread from 2007 when I was looking around. The thread is closed, so I'm not pumping it. But mikeg, made some good points about installing Linux and how to get the most out of memory space. I was going to use remote desktop, and mike confirms its a good way to go, so thanks Mikeg for that all them years ago. +rep


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