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    Quote Originally Posted by polly316 View Post
    I understand how people are saying we can already install packages and the like on a jb console etc, were basically just changing how the package is stored.

    My question is can you install these renamed packages via this exploit with the ps3 booted up in normal mode?
    Well if you could find a way to run a backup game when in normal mode, then running the package from it would almost be a moot point

    Remeber, this "exploit" is accomplished by backing up a game, editing that backup, and running that backup. All still very difficult to do in "normal Mode" Would have been nice tho.

    Its like breaking into a car... from the inside. All you have to do is undo the lock, and the car door can open. The problem is, you already have to be inside the car to use this function.

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    I wouldn't really class it as an exploit then if thats the case, by the sounds of it the jb enables us to use this exploit.


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