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    just be sure this is fake, there is a cut in 2:36 and he is playing game in xbox.

    you can see "xbox" and "live" in bottom of screen in 2:47

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    Totally fake!! Why ??

    1. the cfw is rebug 3.72 spoofed
    2. the multiman clone manager is a multiman edited version
    3. why don't he make a video playing ps1 ps2 psp backups ?
    4. the first video he is playing driver san francisco psn which is already working on cfw
    5. in the 2nd video in 4:37 there is a cut on the video (maybe another ps3)
    6. wwe 12 maybe a homebrew edited
    7. why he didn't enter clone manager and launched wwe 12 from there ?

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    That's what they want to succeed, they want to catch our attention... They just want to increase their website traffic through their fake news... It is fake! The pictures are edited with Photoshop (it is clearly visible) and the videos are just fake (the game they are playing in the second video is not ever for PS3 is for xbox360 lol)... Stop searching it!

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    you don't have to waste your time to know if its real or fake the real one will popup on your face like the china man how bring us the sonic eboot or the bf3 and the fake one will be news and youtube and etc... so its fake.

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    you know I also really want and hope it but it really don't look seriously..
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    Shows Microsoft XBOX 360 in one of the screenshots HAHAHAHA! oh -1 rep

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    Apparently it's only a reskinned multiMAN as expected... I added the download links to the first post, but it's basically nothing new anyway so going to close this thread now.


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