Sony Takes Legal Action Against Infamous PS3 Hacker GeoHot - Page 16
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    Contributor msr's Avatar
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    Music, can be a good therapy, music is a vibration, and everything vibrates. That's his...

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    This was actually funny..

  3. #153
    Holding the slim with a piece of paper with the keys on it. This is really a funny video he does, good one !

  4. #154
    This is so funny. The whole case is a joke and so is the judge that approves anything that goes along with it. I wonder how much $ony had to pay the judge?

  5. #155
    What a wicked thing, to awake to. 10/10 very good.

  6. #156
    I kinda like this guy..

  7. #157
    lol, it was actually pretty good and beat was tight lol ... he just earned a few more points in my book.

  8. #158
    Wow, that was surprisingly not that bad! I think Geo could rap if the hacking doesn't work out lol.

  9. #159
    He went hard in the paint on that one!

  10. #160
    I still remember him back in the iPhone days, and now...? Haha, that dude has gone nuts now, I really find this hilarious. That's actually some pretty good beat though. I support M.C Ge0!

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