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    Quote Originally Posted by lolster View Post
    I wanna texture hack the undertaker.
    There's already been quite a few Undertaker mods done here:

    My tools allows you to easily create texture mods for the game.

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    Hey guys, so i got a problem, i'll explain in steps what i did.

    1. I hacked Cena's texture so he has the "N" logo on his armband.
    2. I injected the textures back into the pach, and pac.
    3. I named the file 139.pac and put it in the 'ch' folders (internal and external), and edit the plistps3.h and the 4x3.h to have ch/139.pac instead of ch/ch139.pac
    3. i noted down the filename and size, and put the size in the plistps3.arc files (of course dividing it by 100)
    4. Ran the game, and it loaded fine, and Cena turns up on the Training Arena, with the "N" Armband.
    5. Load a Game, Cena Vs Randy, and it hangs at the loading screen...?

    So what am I doing wrong, any feedback Please! i really want to be able to get this to work. Thanks.


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