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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkzero51521 View Post
    i don't like having to have the teensy blocking one of my two USB ports lol.
    Boo hoo - get a USB hub ...

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    Lightbulb new idea

    is it possible then to find registy entry for the IP address for where the system updates come from and inject our own "custom system update" with a jail break hack

    If we could only run unsigned code without the jailbreak hack, but at least we can have downloadable custom firmwares that can be updated automatically. I'm gonna look into this Thanks

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    people are saying that we don't have access rights to /dev_flash but we can redirect to /usb_flash, is that right? so thinking like Wii, they manage to exploit one ios (ios34 i think) and then have rights to write to another one ios, and restore the previus one so the custom is in place and the exploit one is original.

    port this to ps3 scene, is something like redirect to usb, gain rights to write file in the flash, make a custom one and then redirect again to new cflash.

    this is my 2cents of dreams


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