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    Sep 2008
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    Simple File Manager v0.1 for PS3 JailBreak Arrives

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    After creating Simple AVCHD Manager - the first AVCHD manager for a jailbroken PS3 - some of the other programs I have been exploring had the requirement for a file selection screen in common, so i decided to create a simple file manager utilising a pointer like Multiman and added some other useful functions.

    Download: PS3 Simple File Manager v0.1

    As this is only version 0.1 it has a few areas that need cleaned up and only has some of the planned functionality implemented.

    Any bugs, feature requests etc can be reported to me here at ps3news.com

    While problems are not expected to exist the potential is there so any usage is entirely at your own risk.

    Allows shortcuts to be defined in SFM_options.ini - named this way so multiple option files for different applications can be stored
    in the same directory on a usb device.

    Allows selection of multiple files for copy/move/delete.

    Allows folder size to be calculated and displayed, along with number of files etc.

    In Device list
    X - open in left panel
    O - open in right panel

    In left/right panels
    L1 - Page Up
    L2 - Page Down
    L3 - Add Shortcut to Device list
    R1 - Get folder size
    R2 - Select file/folder
    R3 - Future - Rename function
    X - Enter Directory
    O - Up directory
    /\ - Copy selected files/folders
    [] - Delete selected files/folders
    SELECT - Toggle Controls

    2nd Controls
    L3 - Future - Save shortcuts to ini file
    R2 - Toggle Selection
    /\ - Move selected files/folders

    Future functions
    Planned to be implemented future in versions (time permitting on which of these get done as some will need investigation to
    determine feasiblity)

    Better progress display when copying multiple files
    Play media files
    alternative visualisations for audio playback
    Rename/Create Directory and other standard file manager functions
    Search option
    Display text files
    Edit text files
    User configuration in INI file of colour scheme
    Ability to display/copy contents of Archives
    Allow to be called in single panel mode by other programs and return the selected file/folder to the calling program
    Other functions that are requested will be considered

    Apologies for the rubbish screenshots will try to get better ones for the next release.

    More PlayStation 3 News...
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    Good work, this reminds me the uLaunchELF, PS2 scene days.

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    Apr 2005
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    Agreed, very nice job zoned... I have moved it to the front page now and +Rep!

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    Aug 2010
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    I've been looking EVERYWHERE for this, thanks

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    Senior Member Neo Cyrus's Avatar
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    Apr 2009
    Nicely done. It will be useful having a larger view unlike the current file manager I'm using. I presume this can detect anything attached to the PS3 unlike the game managers? That's the main reason I still need file managers, Gaia Manager cannot detect my storage chips, only USB sticks & hard disks.
    Last edited by Neo Cyrus; 12-03-2010 at 12:57 AM

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    Junior Member solrac1974's Avatar
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    Aug 2010
    Great app, nice interface, thanks to Dev, keep the good work!

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    Senior Member deank's Avatar
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    Oct 2010
    Hey, zoned!

    Here is my implementation for the OSK (on-screen-keyboard). I hope it will help you to implement CREATE NEW FOLDER and RENAME functions. Comgenie never released info about the OSK and no one tried to post how to use it, so I gave it a try.

    Also I added the option to initialize the TEXT ENTRY before opening the dialog, so RENAME is easier now.

    I hope this will be useful:

    #include <sysutil/sysutil_oskdialog.h>
    int osk_dialog=0;
    int osk_open=0;
    CellOskDialogCallbackReturnParam OutputInfo;
    CellOskDialogInputFieldInfo inputFieldInfo;
    uint16_t Result_Text_Buffer[128 + 1];
    sys_memory_container_t container=NULL;
    int enteredCounter = 0;
    in your system callback function add check for OSK events:
    		ret = cellOskDialogAbort();
    		ret = cellOskDialogUnloadAsync(&OutputInfo);
    		if(osk_dialog!=-1) osk_dialog=1;
    		ret = cellOskDialogUnloadAsync(&OutputInfo);
    		/* get entered string */
    		ret = cellOskDialogGetInputText( &OutputInfo );
    void open_osk(int for_what, char *init_text)
    	char orig[128];
    	if(for_what==1) sprintf(orig, "Rename current to:");
    	if(for_what==2)	sprintf(orig, "CREATE NEW FOLDER - Enter name for the new folder:");
        wchar_t my_message[((strlen(orig) + 1)*2)];
        mbstowcs(my_message, orig, (strlen(orig) + 1));
        wchar_t INIT_TEXT[((strlen(init_text) + 1)*2)];
        mbstowcs(INIT_TEXT, init_text, (strlen(init_text) + 1));
    	if(for_what==2) INIT_TEXT[0]=0;
    	inputFieldInfo.message = (uint16_t*)my_message;
    	inputFieldInfo.init_text = (uint16_t*)INIT_TEXT;
    	inputFieldInfo.limit_length = 128;
    	cellOskDialogAddSupportLanguage (CELL_OSKDIALOG_PANELMODE_ENGLISH);
    	CellOskDialogPoint pos;
    	pos.x = 0.0; pos.y = 0.5;
    	cellOskDialogSetLayoutMode( LayoutMode );
    	CellOskDialogParam dialogParam;
    	dialogParam.allowOskPanelFlg = CELL_OSKDIALOG_PANELMODE_ENGLISH;
    	dialogParam.firstViewPanel = CELL_OSKDIALOG_PANELMODE_ALPHABET;
    	dialogParam.controlPoint = pos; 
    	dialogParam.prohibitFlgs = CELL_OSKDIALOG_NO_RETURN;
    	cellOskDialogSetInitialInputDevice(CELL_OSKDIALOG_INPUT_DEVICE_PAD );
    	cellOskDialogLoadAsync(container, &dialogParam, &inputFieldInfo);
    Then in your app you can open the keyboard and check its status in some kind of a loop
    	if ( ((new_pad & BUTTON_R1) || osk_open==2) ) // If [R1] is pressed or OSK is already opened
    		new_pad=0; old_pad=0;
    		if(osk_open!=2)	{ // if OSK not open, open it and initialize it
    			OutputInfo.result = CELL_OSKDIALOG_INPUT_FIELD_RESULT_OK; /* Result on-screen keyboard dialog termination */ 
    			OutputInfo.numCharsResultString = 128;	/* Specify number of characters for returned text */
    			OutputInfo.pResultString = Result_Text_Buffer;   /* Buffer storing returned text */ ;
    			open_osk(2, (char*) list[e].name);
    		if(osk_dialog!=0)  // OSK was just closed - get the result and create new folder
    			sprintf(new_file_name, "%S", (wchar_t*)OutputInfo.pResultString);
    				if(strlen(new_file_name)>0) {
    					sprintf(new_file_name, "%s/%S", this_pane, (wchar_t*)OutputInfo.pResultString);
    					mkdir(new_file_name, S_IRWXO | S_IRWXU | S_IRWXG | S_IFDIR); cellFsChmod(new_file_name, 0777);
    For some reason the OSK won't load/show when compiled with SDK 1.9, but works just fine with 3.40.

    Last edited by deank; 12-03-2010 at 06:03 AM

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    Registered User Atlantis's Avatar
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    Sep 2010
    Yeah I really needed such a tool like this since comgenie's file manager seems to be discontinued. I'm now saving the gap using multiman, but I'll definitely give it a try to your tool.

    And I agree, something like uLaunchElf for ps2 in ps3 would be such a great and useful tool. Maybe it'd be clearer for user if you show a menu when pressing R1 with all the basic file operations which can be accessed simply by highlighting them and pressing X, like uLE used to work. So you don't have to worry if u press the wrong pad button lol.

    Thank you for your work.

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    Registered User zoned's Avatar
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    Sep 2008
    thanks for your comments guys, I had never seen uLE prior to searching for it after your comment, I can see how similar this looks to it.

    Deanrr, thanks for the section of code, i will have a look at getting it working under 1.9, it should be possible due to the sample with the sdk working under 1.9

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    Senior Member deank's Avatar
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    Oct 2010
    Probably there is something I missed in the initialization - I don't know. It should be other way around - to work with 1.9 and not with 3.4, but there we are. I'll take a look at the samples to find what I did wrong, but if you find it first - let me know

    And launchELF is one of the best apps I used constantly for the last 5 years with my PS2!



    I see I forgot the container size up there:
    	sys_memory_container_create( &container, 2*1024*1024 );
    #zoned: Sorry for multiple posting... Just as I pasted the code above I decided to change the memory container to 5MB and it now works with SDK 1.9. I think I read somewhere that 2MB is enough for the current layout, but it seems not to be the case.

    Contact me if I can be of any help.

    Last edited by deank; 12-03-2010 at 12:35 PM Reason: Automerged Doublepost


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