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    Junior Member szczuru's Avatar
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    Newest version of my PSP2PS3 DEX package will be always here: [Register or Login to view links]

    Please ALWAYS read readme.txt


    For CEX we don't have proper tools right now (for creating proper encrypted EDAT). Maybe looking into ReAcTPSN at look how this app handle fixing EDATs will help...
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    Szczuru_pasja, please make the games i asked (ape escape on the loos, n+, dexter, ultimate ghosts n goblins) playable on ps3. i cant understand anything from everything and edat.jar and openssl (ssleay32.dll is mising) dont work and i'm desperate for this games i'm waiting for more noob friendly guide and tools like with ps2 classics.

    do you think that there's going to be easier tools to run psp iso's on ps3 ??

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    Download actual version (v1.5) - it's a lot easier and it's working on CEX. Be sure you'll read readme.txt.

    And i'm szczuru "szczuru_pasja" i'm using 'cause i can't use my old "szczuru" account.

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    Same instructions for CEX? Thanks for the update szczuru_pasja!

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    Can someone test a package for me? Having some knowledge about PKG structures would be ideal.

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    what about, MediEvil Resurrection, would it work?

    It would be fantastic where you could download all that encrypted pkg files for PS3

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    Medievil won't work (both USA end EUR version)

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    Looks like WipEout Pulse won't work... blackscreen after minis logo, UCUS98712

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    PSP2PS3 v1.7 is now online


    Download link: [Register or Login to view links]

    Chagelog v1.7:

    ---Old (unsigned EBOOT) will be kept as EBOOT.OLD
    -Replaced EDAT Tool GUI with new one - only 2 clicks to make EDATs
    -Replaced old npdpc tool with new one (mongoose) which doesn't need Open-SSL and other tools (swapper/minis_bin)
    -Replaced make_package_npdrm with psn_package_npdrm
    -Added UMDGEN to PSP2PS3 package (in tools directory)
    -FIXED: Generating package with proper CID (based on GameID)
    -FIXED: few minor bugs

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    new edat maker threw me an error. I customized my ContentID and clicked make bins, got this:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    Also instead of starting with the CID the game already had/likely will have, it defaults to UP1023-ULUS10491_00-0000000000000001. dunno if that's intended or not.

    Er, scratch that, I guess you knew about that already since I just noticed the command window that says to just click the other two buttons instead of the first one.. sorry
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