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    3K3y Users: Stay Away from OFW 4.55, 3K3y IsoTools v1.34.9 Out!

    3K3y Users: Stay Away from OFW 4.55, 3K3y IsoTools v1.34.9 Out!

    To quote from modrobert: After reading the news about Cobra ODE failing for some PS3 models I sacrificed a 3k3y 3KR (3KS-R) install on a PS3 Super Slim (4k), updated to OFW 4.55, and it failed to load GTA5 after that (just hangs in XMB)!

    So, for now, don't update to OFW 4.55. Only 'pass-thru' mode works so far in my tests on OFW 4.55, will try some more games.

    Users with older fat PS3 consoles have reported success with 3k3y on OFW 4.55, so this seem to affect newer consoles, as Team Cobra suggested.

    IsoTools 1.34.9 by UglyClicker

    As requested by a vast amount of users, here is the update notification for the new version of IsoTools.

    The new version will automatically install when you open IsoTools. As of now, only version 9 IRD files can be uploaded, you can also download the package manually:

    Download: IsoTools-1.34.9.rar /

    • Fixed exception when ejecting a disc

    2014-02-12: Do NOT update to firmware 4.55

    As many of you already know, Sony released update 4.55, which apparently blocks the 3k3y, Cobra and E3. We are looking for a solution. In the mean time, do NOT update, and monitor the forums for progress.
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    thanks again


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