PS_Unban v0.1: PS3 3.55 Unban and 4.21 Unban PKG Files Arrive! - Page 68
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    Contributor kv7shadow's Avatar
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    Guys how can i compress the NOBAN0000 folder into a .pkg file? I heard that i should use "make_package_npdrm"!

    But when i drag the folder to "make_package_npdrm".pkg, it sends an error saying :"......package.conf corrupted etc..."

    what should I do?

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    Member scousetomo's Avatar
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    i've got a ylod one pitty that peace of crap doesn't boot no more, i may just paste it up to get the id off it even if i get half hr

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    Contributor oooweee's Avatar
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    any new versions?

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    guys new version?

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    Hello man got the last rogero too, how can i downgrade it to v2.03 do i just have to install it ?
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    i've just pasted this ylod ps3 up i have used wireshark i can see the device ID. where do i copy the no and the letters from as the writing its on the right and a whole lot of no's on the left i just don't know were my id starts or ends.

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    All i know the id looks like this = 000000010084000B1417338163A437AF000000000000000000 0000000000000000...

    i hope this example of a console id helps you

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    Guys this is a public discussion thread, please do not ask for private IDs here. Those who do will receive an infraction. It is meant for publicly sharing them only, use another site to swap private IDs.

    From deneo24: The reason why you're getting an error after spoofing your Console ID is because Sony is now banning PSID's more so often than usual (Another unique set of numbers similar to your Console ID, not referring to your account), and pretty much the PS_Unban app is now useless, as your only option is to use Stoker's PSIDPatch. I'm not going into detail on how to use it, as the information is readily available, so just look. With PSIDPatch, you must spoof your PSID as well as the Console ID.

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    Shame that Ps unban no longer works, unless your change you Psid as well

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    How can I get a matched PSID?

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