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    This version is only for DEX ?!!

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    CEX is now available:

    Quote Originally Posted by Erz View Post
    Just a quick question, can I play XBOX 360 games with this?
    You must be smoking crack....

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    Roll Eyes

    maybe game cube games in the future?

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    Videos: PS3 RetroXMB Beta 3: Boot RetroArch ROMs from PS3 XMB

    Following up on the previous update, today an anonymous source has leaked PS3 RetroXMB Beta 3 by doobz which allows users to boot RetroArch ROMs from the PS3 XMB alongside some updates below.

    Download: RetroXMB Beta 3- Leaked Release.7z / RetroXMB.rar (Mirror) / RetroXMB.rar (Mirror #2) / RetroPS3 (RetroArch v1.0.0.2 Cores).zip / CaveStory--RetroArch v1.0.0.2-- RetroXMB AutoBoot Rom (lightt).pkg / CaveStory--RetroArch v1.0.0.2 -- RetroXMB Autoboot (heavy).pkg / RetroPS3 (RetroArch v1.0.0.2 Cores).zip

    To quote: Hi. The author of this application (Name: doobz) did not give permission for it's release. He claimed he was close to ready, but then he vanished and no one has seen him in months. We do not know of his location or status. It is a mystery.

    As such I'm releasing the last version of the tool he provided prior to his disappearance.

    Official RetroXMB README (Partial)


    RetroXMB is an app that makes it easy to install content on your PS3 XMB. I was sick of using "managers" to load other apps, i wanted it to be like the psp era where you clicked the icon and the app started. So this is my attempt at that

    Its just a gui for a bunch of command line programs which i hacked that generate content for the Playstation 3. RetroXMB helps you put many games for many systems directly on your XMB. Here is a small list of supported systems:

    • PlayStation 1
    • PlayStation 2
    • PlayStation Portable

    Here goes a small intro for RetroXMB..

    Emulator Games:

    Emulator games use RetroArch as a back-end.. here goes the wall of text about the emulators and their notes.

    PS1 Games:

    PS1 Games use Iris Manager as a back-end. multiMAN can cause conflicts with Iris and since multiMAN isn't open source, no one can fix it. If you run into problems while using the PS1 Games simply reboot your PS3 to fix it and dont run multiMAN

    PS2 Classics (Experimental):

    PS2 Classics uses the rap file from PS2 Classics Place Holder/ps2classic_GUI

    Steps to install reactpsn + ps2 rap support:
    1. create a new user called "aa" on your ps3
    2. install ReactPSN 2.26
    3. put the exdata folder in a usb device and plug it in the ps3
    4. execute ReactPSN on the PS3
    5. the "aa" user should be renamed to reactpsn and you will have the rif files installed in your "aa" account exdata
    5. done you can now use PS2Classics made with this app

    If you don't use the proper rap file, you will get a copyright information error when loading the ps2classic. this could be patched in the fw.

    Note to Rogero FW Users:

    Rogero FW doesnt patch certain EBOOT ecdsa signature checks. PS3 Keys from 3.56 and below aren't accepted in Rogero FW, so old homebrew won't work. Instead of resigning eboots for _higher_ fw <lol> Ask Rogero to fix this, or simply use Rebug or MiraLaTijera FW. All my EBOOTs are signed with 3.41 keys (it shouldn't matter which version).

    Special Thanks:

    STLcardWS, sandungas, AdaLove, UnknownArchive, Squarepusher, Hermes/Estwald, flatz, IngPereira, aldostools, Celestria, zecoxao and everyone that made this possible (or i forgot to mention )

    Additional Info by STLcardsWS

    RetroArch Supported Cores

    -- Various Arcade (CPS 1/2/3, Neo Geo, Sega System 16/18..)

    -- Nintendo NES / Famicom

    -- Game Boy / Color

    -- SG -1000, Master System, Game Gear, Genesis, Sega CD

    -- Neo Geo Pocket / Color

    -- Turbo GrafX 16, & CD (PC-Engine) / Super GrafX

    -- Nintendo Virtual Boy

    -- Bandia WonderSwan / Color

    -- Nintendo NES / Famcom w/Disk System

    -- Doom 1 & II Engine

    -- Nintendo NES/ Famicom

    -- Super Nintendo / Super Famicom

    -- Atari 2600

    -- Quake Engine

    -- Game Boy Advance


    -- Experimental Atari 2600
    --- Issues ----

    .Save / Load States do not work.


    Toggle Color/Black and White with R3/L3 on select games.

    -- Experimental: MAME 0.78
    --- Issues ---

    Save / Load States do not work.
    Game Comparability is hit and miss
    Frame-Rate issues in some games.


    0.78 Romset should be used
    Try lower version if exact cant be found.

    Some Games will play well. There others that will not.

    -- Experimental: GBA (use VBA_Next instead)

    Very choppy and slow FPS at times.
    A lot of issues
    Save/Load States not supported


    Requires GBA bios.
    Use VBA-Next

    -- Experimental: PSone

    Slow FPS
    Use other PS1 methods for the PS3.

    Other Emulated Systems Supported

    PlayStation 1:
    -- Uses Iris Manager as a back end (4.46 not supported), Was released as the standaone PS1toPS2 b10 PlayStation Portable

    -- PSP Remaster / PSP Minis, Was released as a standalone PSPtoPS3 b22

    PlayStation 2:
    -- Experimental PS2 Integration: Very early version.


    Global Features
    • Create CEX or DEX Packages
    • Create 3.41 - 4.XX Packages (Rogero Users See Read Me above)
    • Custom XMB Title
    • Customize XMB Appearance
    • ICON0.PNG
    • PIC1.PNG
    • PIC0.PNG
    • Add XMB Sound: (SND0AT.AC3)
    • Add Animated Icon: (ICON1.PAM)
    • Custom HIP: (edit text file)
    • Creates a random Title ID with a `RX-prefix` "RX_ _ _ _ _ _" at the start of every rom created.
    • OR change it to a Custom Title-ID of your choice
    • Progress Bar to show the app is working, (large files may seem long but it working).
    • Creates an XMB Auto-Booting package.

    Retro Emulators:
    • RetroArch v9.9.0 is used as a back-end.for all emulation.
    • BIOS detection on ROMs. (unfinished / bugs)
    • ROM detection from various archive formats.
    • Included Custom PIC0.PNG for most cores (unfinished)
    • Support all libretro Cores for PS3 RetroArch (Uses Modified Cores)
    • Set Aspect Ratio of game to 16:9 (uncheck) or 4:3 (checked)
    • Add Extra Files or Multiple Files for roms that require it easily.

    * Note there are some bugs with BIOS and ROM detections. Which leads to problems with some games not being able to create a package.

    PlayStation 1
    • Update to standalone release of PS1toPS3 b10 by doobz
    • Supports PS1 ISO, BIN
    • Optional: Cue, toc File.
    • PS1 Games use Iris Manager as the engine. This supported to version 4.41 and below. at this time.
    • Hold Circle after selecting game on XMB, Enter Iris PS1 Setting menu prior to game launch.

    PlayStation 2 (Experimental)
    • Early in development.
    • Supports PS2 ISO, BIN
    • Choose PS2 Playback on DEX or CEX (Experimental)
    • PS2 Classics require ReactPSN and the rap for PS2Classics Placeholder Installed

    NOTICE: Make a copy of the PS2 game you are converting if you do not want to lose it!!!!

    PlayStation Portable
    • An update to doobz PSProPS3 beta 22
    • Remastered Creation Supported
    • Minis Creation Supported
    • PSP ISO, EBOOT.PBP, PSN PKG (only ISO will be patched), MINI2.DAT or a homebrew PRX.

    Update: RetroXMB Cave Story (NXengine) Light & Heavy XMB PKGs

    Cave Story (Doukutsu Monogatari)
    RetroArch v1.0.0.2 (libretro core: NXEngine)
    RetroXMB XMB Direct Boot Applied


    Additional Notes:
    • The light package has no guarantee that it will work with future updates of RetroArch (if installed). It should work and update your core as you install your new RetroArch updates in the future, but if there are changes significant changes to RetroArch, that could break features down the road. So that is something to consider if you plan to use the Light Package.
    • Also, there will be a bit more RetroXMB news coming in the next days or so stay tuned for more.
    • RetroXMB Beta 3 App (with new cores)
    • A new Tutorial for creating the smallest RetroXMB packages possible, with a bit of a mod from the official way.

    • Squarepusher / Maister (RetroArch) & All Libretro Contributors
    • doobz (RetroXMB Creator)
    • Daisuke "Pixel" Amaya (Cave Story Creator)

    RetroXMB (Beta 3) Re-released by STLcardsWS (Mar/12/14)

    Included the following libretro cores from RetroArch v1.0.0.2: (tested and working for RetroXMB)
    • fbalpha
    • mame78
    • fceumm
    • Nestopia
    • QuickNES
    • GenesisPlusGX
    • Mednafen_VB
    • Mednafen_WSwan
    • Mednafen_ngp
    • Mednafen_PCE_Fast
    • gambatte
    • prboom
    • TyrQuake
    • snes9xnext
    • stella
    • vba_next
    • NXengine (Is not support in RetroXMB app (bug) but can auto boot using RetroXMB files (see above for pre-made Cave Story Packages)

    Known Issues:
    • Old RetroArch Background Menu is used (minor annoyance on some long sub-menus where text alignment is an issue. This can not be fixed in the app, (as we do not have the source code) but can be manually adjusted by replacing the image from v1.0.0.2. (just keep the same name for the image)
    • Never Change the libretro Cores, or you will damage the package for future use. If this occurs delete and re-install. In order for this to be a problem someone would have to manually search folders on HDD to find the core and then change a core. In most cases this will be an issue to many.

    Thanks / Credits:
    • Squarepusher (& Entire RetroArch/Libretro Team)
    • doobz (RetroXMB developer)
    • RetroXMB Contributors (see ReadME)

    Update #2: Espionage (PS3)

    This is a Homebrew Rom for the classic GameBoy handheld created by Fredrik Brundin, with RetroArch (gambatte) you have the options to play in Black/White or in Color. To achieve this while in-game hit L3 and R3 to access the main In-game Menu of Retro Arch and select "Core Options" where you can then select disable or enable "GB colorization".

    RetroXMB autoboot is applied so direct launch from XMB with ease!

    Download: ESPIONAGE - Homebrew Game.pkg

    Espionage v1.0 - Made for the GBJAM (

    You play as a spy as he makes his way into the enemy base to collect as much data as he can; but don't get too greedy, because he needs to get out before the timer runs out and the enemy back up arrives.

    How to Play

    To run the .gb file you will need a Game Boy emulator

    • Game by: Fredrik Brundin
    • Additional Art (Title & Game Over screen): Dominic Buchholz

    Update #3: GBA Indie Roms for you PS3 (Using RetroArch w/ RetroXMB Auto Boot)

    Download: Dangerous XMAS (Dangerous X_MAS (GBA Homebrew Game).pkg) / Powerpig (PowerPig (GBA Homebrew Game).pkg)

    Following the release of various GameBoy and Atari 2600 Indie Games packaged into XMB Auto-Boot packages for the PlayStation 3 (CFW), I decided to checkout another retro system where Homebrew games are still being developed often.

    The GBA (GameBoy Advance) has many great Homebrew Games, but here are two very nice releases for the GBA, that we now have today for the PS3 in Dangerous X-MAS (developed by the Spoutnick Team) & PowerPig ( developed by genecyst ). These homebrew creations use RetroArch v1.0.0.2 - vba_next.SELF for emulation with RetroXMB XMB auto-boot applied. See the various screens and videos of these games in action below.

    Videos: PS3 RetroXMB Beta 3: Boot RetroArch ROMs from PS3 XMB

    Videos: PS3 RetroXMB Beta 3: Boot RetroArch ROMs from PS3 XMB

    Videos: PS3 RetroXMB Beta 3: Boot RetroArch ROMs from PS3 XMB

    More PlayStation 3 News...
    Attached Images<br><br> Attached Images

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    Can somebody tell me how to disable the Right-Stick-Down-Fast-Forward function / button /feature in PrBoom? If i play a game and press Right-Stick-Down by mistake then the game fast-forwards for the time i push this button until i release it. It's annoying.

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    Unofficial RetroArch MAME 0.78 Standalone Emulator PS3 PKG Out

    Following up on the previous RetroXMB update, today an unofficial RetroArch MAME 0.78 Standalone Emulator PS3 PKG is available for those interested.

    Download: UNOFFICIAL - (MAME0.78) RetroArch Standalone Emu.pkg

    To quote: For best performance you should use the MAME romset 0.78. I have tested using lower romsets such as 0.37b5 and that romset worked well, but again for best performance and compatibility you should use 0.78 MAME romset. There are some things to be aware of that i have outlined below. As this is still an experimental core and could have some issues not discovered yet.

    Basic Usage:
    • MAME romset 0.78 is required for best performance.
    • At first screen of MAME agreement when ask to type OK, Move Left Stick - Left to Right to signal "OK"
    • R3 will access the RetroArch Main Menu.
    • R2 will access the MAME Menu options.
    • Select in game will add credits to the game.

    • Core is based on v0.9.8 of RetroArch (not the current 0.9.9).
    • This is an Experimental Core for the PS3 from Libretro Code Re-depository (
    • This is an Unofficial release Please DO NOT BUG official RetroArch developer of any problems.
    • Custom RetroArch Main Menu Wood Background Added in place of default RetroArch menu.

    Known Bugs:
    • When accessing MAME settings (R2 button) settings will not save for next boot
    • Save / Load States will not work on a few titles. (mainly Midway titles)

    • RetroArch Developers: Squarepusher , Maister
    • Libretro Contributors: View the list of many contributors here (
    • RetroXMB Developer: doobz
    • Artwork: Sandungas (PIC1) & STLcardsWS (Custom Wood Main Menu)

    Unofficial RetroArch MAME 0.78 Standalone Emulator PS3 PKG Out

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    I'm really only interested in the following titles working:

    Mortal Kombat 2, 3 Ultimate, 4
    Killer Instinct

    Has anyone tried to run any of these games and had success? I realize the load/save state for MK probably won't work (Midway know issue listed above), but are they games playable at a reasonable frame rate? Thanks!

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    I've made a good number of games with this so far, and all have been successful, except for when i try to make Sega 32x games, is it not supported yet, or am i just missing something?


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