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    Lightbulb PS3 remote play DoS Exploit

    posted to Bugtraq this morning:

    it's not possible to execute unsigned code using this, but its still interesting.

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    Thanks- added it to the Site News as well!

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    if its an overflow then why cant we inject code
    the tiff was an overflow on the psp, look at it now

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    It doesnt cause an buffer overflow from what I understand just makes the ps3 remote play will not work while its being flooded with udp packets

    # A UDP flood while the "remote play" feature is active
    # will result in a denial of service condition.

    The only potential I could see this for is if you wanted to annoy your friends and DoS thier ps3 while they were trying to remote play.

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    Has anyone noticed that after a game with online capability is loaded up, then you go to play online, while it's searching for a network or is asking you if you agree to the online terms the ps3 STOPS checking to see if a disc is in the system or if it has been ejected.