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    Feb 2008
    I just tried this on my retail FAT 60GB EU CECHC04 system with PS3break USB device and FW 3.41FW and the result was this:

    PS3 System Target ID: 0x82 (Debugging station)
    PS3 Motheboard Rev.: 0x09 (DYN-O01 Motheboard, ...
    PS3 BD-Laser Rev.: 0x01 (KES-410, No SACD support)

    Probable model: DECH-2000A(S)

    something must be wrong I guess

    and yes I downloaded the right detection app for 3.41FW version

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    Senior Member joffe's Avatar
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    Apr 2010
    The screenshot says CECH-2503A and Laser is KES-400, but shouldn't that be KES-450?

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    Apr 2009
    I'm on Kmeaw's CFW 3.55 and both the 3.55 and Waninkoko 3.55 version of this program don't exit for me by pressing select. Though both seem to be otherwise working.

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    I have CECHK03 and this says DECH-2000A(S). I'm using 3.41 OFW.

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    it doesn't work with mine, PS3 Phat 40 gigs CECHJ03 models, it showing no information whatsoever


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