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    PS3 Media Center with MKV and NTFS Support WIP Details

    Today Logic-Sunrise reports that several members of Spanish site are currently working on a PS3 Media Center with MKV and NTFS support.

    To quote, roughly translated: Our friends on the other side of the Pyrenees from the forum Elotrolado we have a project that many expect. This is a media center with support MKV and NTFS.

    Authors at the head of the project are: AdriHades: Colabor and Beta testing, Chaky: Creator of the GUI, The_marioga: Creator of the file system and analysis of XML for configuration. Some features:
    • Audio playback
    • Playing Videos
    • Picture Playback
    • Support NTFS and MKV

    Current project:
    • Ongoing: libntfs for NTFS support and libmatroska for playing MKV files.
    • Progress 40% and no date of publication.

    Here is a screenshot of the GUI at the moment (This is not the graphical interface of the final product, it is only there to show the existence of the project.)

    PS3 Media Center with MKV and NTFS Support WIP Details

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    awesome, mkv support would be very good.

    but the ntfs support would be only supported in that program, would be better if it can be programmed in any ps3 cfw.

    still cool btw!

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    Now this is the homebrew I've been waiting for

    +1 for this! This is the start of something great I feel

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    This is a brilliant project that will make a lot of people very happy, good luck with this, i for one will make a lot of use with playing mkv 3d because they are always at least 8gb.. good skills, i'm gonna keep an eye on this one.

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    I've got alot of MKV videos (and other format video) on my laptop, hopefully this Media Center will have networking support (both wired and wireless) so I can stream my content to my PS3 which is in another room. Also hope to have srt/sub support as well.

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    good news, hope to see some progress.

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    Awesome news!! Just what I have been waiting for!! Thanks a lot devs!

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    I don't have a laptop so mkv support would be useful, I could take the PS3 to another room to watch videos (larger screen) relatively easily compared to picking up and carrying my 40KG computer.

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    Thank you for bringing this to our attention, this is great news, and I hope it will grow and gain support for this sort of Homebrew, rightly deserves.

    I'm hoping it may have same the features like the old xbmc,we all grow to know and love.

    XMBC was in a class of it's own, when it came to Homebrew on the Xbox1, so I am thrilled that someone is working on a Media Center for the PS3.

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    This is cool, hope to see it soon!

    And please, add .srt support.


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