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    This is awesome news! Thanks Hobo!

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    Quote Originally Posted by billyreneoberra View Post
    This is how you get it to work:

    In the dev_hdd0 create a folder called ROMS (all capital) and in there i created the folders "mame_data" and "mame" and put all my rom zip files in the "mame" folder. all the games showed up on the next start of MAME...

    hope all the games work too

    rep me up if this helped.
    Thanks mate, rep to you.

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    Is anyone else having problems with this? I followed all the instructions with both the snaps and the roms, and they all show up, but everytime I try to launch one, it crashes back to the xmb.

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    Okay, I noticed on the source code change page there are lots of great changes already added. Anybody know how or have the time to write a guide to compiling and creating the package? It would be fine to just compile, install this version to setup the file structure, and then copy the newly compiled files over the top of the others via FTP.

    I may dig into it some if I get some time tonight after a beverage fest as it would be really cool to try out some of the latest feature like auto frame skip, fixed prompt to find ROMs, cheats, and more "options" support in the menu. Don't go ballistic on the cheats comments as this is only in MAME and has nothing to do with killing the PSN, PS3 or Sony!

    Are there any developers out there that can do a simple how-to or is this different not so simple?

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    awesome keep up the good work! I seriously can't wait to play in the hunt, biomechanical toy, charlie ninja, joe and mac, dyna gear and many other great arcade games on my ps3! sweet.

    today I had the chance to take a look at mame v0.142 and to my surprise (considering it's still a preview) most games ran pretty smooth and without any problems. however games like in the hunt, gun force II, undercover cops had major performance issues. i also had to use /dev_hddo/ROMS/mame to make it launch otherwise it just showed up an error message. changing the rom path however failed (mame just crashed)....

    stuff i'd like to see in the near future: different ratios (16:9), hd crt shaders (beautiful aren't they), save states and more overall performance to play my favorite games.

    anyway thanks to the developers for making all this possible!
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    mame roms and all of the roms

    i tried everything, need help please.. step by step instructions. i have the mame emulator installed, don't see the roms same for all emulators.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mcubaynes View Post
    i tried everything, need help please.. step by step instructions. i have the mame emulator installed, don't see the roms same for all emulators.
    for mame copy zipped rom images to /dev_hdd0/ROMS/mame (case sensitive)

    you can use multiman [SELECT + START] to create dirs and copy files from a USB stick or follow this:

    1) on FAT32 USB stick create folder 'ROMS' (uppercase)
    2) in folder ROMS create folder 'mame' (lowercase)
    3) copy *.zip images into folder mame
    4) plug USB stick to PS3
    5) start multiman and press [SELECT + START]
    6) select dev_hdd0 on right pane and press [X]
    7) select dev_usb000 on left pane and press [X]
    8) now select ROMS on left pane and press [O] to copy ROMS/mame/* to /dev_hdd0
    9) exit multiman, start mame and you should be happy

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    A couple of month later we're still on 0.142 (code google). Does that mean development has been suspended?

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    MAME 0125 (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) for PS3 Release 1 Out

    Following up on the previous update, today PlayStation 3 developer Ole has made available MAME 0125 (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) for PS3 Release 1 with details below.

    Download: /

    From the ReadMe file: MAME 0125 for PS3 release 1
    • compiled by using psl1ght v.2 sdk
    • The full uae documentation is stored in the 'docs' subdirectory, here you are reading the ps3 port info.

    • full set of games, although only older / smaller games are playable
    • simple selection of games (no rescanning or installation, just select the game zip file and off you go!)
    • TATE mode switch in the initial menu
    • HW rendering using arcade shader
    • configurable scanlines (off, 10 - 100 % intensity)
    • TV set switch: 16/9 or 4/3
    • 2 player support
    • configurable button layout for individual player
    • sound in 48000 kHz

    • ps3 ready to boot homebrew programs


    In the launch menu:
    • L1 - go to options
    • TRIANGLE - toggle Tate mode
    • SQUARE exit

    In the game:
    • R3 or L1+L2+R1+R2 - display mame menu (to select new game)
    • Left analog and digital - joystick
    • CROSS, CIRCLE, SQUARE, TRIANGLE - buttons accroding the button layout

    Additional info:
    • This is the first release, options are not saved to disk. Sorry, please wait for the next release.
    • I'm using older version of mame because it's faster than the later versions that use C++

    Credits and thanks:
    • MAME team and porters.
    • psl1ght sdk team
    • PS3 homebrew scene

    Release log:

    • initial release, hopefully it will work for you


    MAME 0125 (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) for PS3 Release 1 Out

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    A nitendo 64 emulator will be nice


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