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    PS3 LV2 Debugging via Ethernet Added to PSGroove PL3

    KaKaRoTo has added PS3 LV2 Debugging via Ethernet to PSGroove PL3 this weekend for PS3 JailBreak users and developers.

    Download: PS3 LV2 Ethernet Debugging PSGroove PL3 / ASC KaKaRoTo PL3 MultiPayload and LV2Dump BIN Files / PS3 LV2 Ethernet Debugging PSGroove PL3 Hex Codes / All Latest Payload - All Board All Firmware CE-X Hermes PL3

    To quote from (linked above): Well, I think it’s going to be a good framework for any new enthusiastic developer who wish to start in the ever growing PS3 Jailbreak scene. Below are the changelog for the recent refactoring work that has been done by him to his PL3 git.
    • WIP: rename macros.h.S to pl3.h.S and make it do a lot more stuff
    • Make send_eth compatible with FUNC_PTR and add a _res variant
    • Add proper ifndef/define/endif to all .h.S files
    • Port all payloads to the new pl3.h.S framework
    • Factor out the code to hook the hvsc instructions into its own file
    • fix the stupid prolog/epilog mixup
    • Fix the payload_dump_elfs using the new refactored system
    • Micro optimization
    • Add a missing syscall to the list of syscalls
    • Removing undocumented functions from the list of known functions
    • Add missing function name to syscall_names.idh
    • Make memory_patching position independent and use the new macros
    • Add memory patching function to the vuart tracer payload
    • Merge branch ‘master’ into playground Conflicts: payload_no_unauth_syscall.S
    • Make the dev payload redirect all lv2_printf to eth.. should help devs see crash reports
    • Remove unused instruction

    Tweets by himself: How do PL3 payloads look now? Easier to read/maintain? icon smile Yet Another Improved Version Of PL3 Payload
     * default_payload.S -- PS3 Jailbreak payload
     * Copyright (C) Youness Alaoui (KaKaRoTo)
     * Copyright (C) Aaron Lindsay (Aaron')
     * Copyright (C) (subdub)
     * This software is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public
     * License ("GPL") version 3, as published by the Free Software Foundation.
     * This payload is a modified version of the original PSJailbreak's payload.
     * The people behing PSJailbrak are the original authors and copyright holders
     * of the code they wrote.
    /* pl3.h.S must always be included first!!! */
    #include "pl3.h.S"
    #include "map_open_path.h.S"
    #include "memory_patching.h.S"
    #include "open_hook.h.S"
    #include "memory_patching_res.h.S"
    // Include patch_table after all other includes so it picks up on what
    // patches to include in the table depending on what was included
    #include "patch_table.h.S"
     * payload_main:
     * This is the entry point to the payload, it gets branched to form the injected
     * shellcode in the JIG response.
     * This is the main function of the exploit, its code is position
     * indedependent. It copies the actual payload to a safe-from-overwrite memory,
     * while it overwrites an existing function from the kernel.
     * It will also add necessary syscalls and patch some areas of the kernel before
     * returning the control back to it
    // prolog
    mflr %r0
    stdu %r1, -0xa0(%r1)
    std %r30, 0x90(%r1)
    std %r31, 0x98(%r1)
    std %r0, 0xb0(%r1)
    GET_CURRENT_PAGE(%r3, %r31)
    MEM_BASE (%r30) // Load 0x8000000000000000 in %r30
    COPY_RESIDENT_AREA(%r30, %r31)
    // Allocate memory and copy PIC functions to it
    // Add system calls
    ADD_SYSCALL (%r30, syscall_map_open_desc, 35)
    // Add default /app_home redirection
    addi %r3, %r31, ADDR_IN_PAGE(path_app_home)
    addi %r4, %r31, ADDR_IN_PAGE(path_usb_default_app_home)
    bl map_open_path
    APPLY_PATCHES(%r30, %r31)
    // epilog
    ld %r30, 0x90(%r1)
    ld %r31, 0x98(%r1)
    ld %r0, 0xb0(%r1)
    addi %r1, %r1, 0xa0
    mtlr %r0
    .string "/app_home"
    .string "/dev_usb000/PS3/HOMEBREW/APP_HOME"
    payload_dev now prints lv2 debug to eth. So if your homebrew app (or your payload) crashes, you can get a crash report with backtrace..

    Use ./tools/dump_syscall file.pcap > /dev/null to see the debug/crash report

    More PlayStation 3 News...
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    lookin' sexy

    hope something useful comes of this

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    Thanks for the news Fr33m4n and +Rep!

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    Thumbs Up

    pack with:

    all latest payload (CE-X, Hermes, PL3)
    all firmware
    all board
    all ....
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    What does this pl3 do for the end user who is not a developer?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tonyqc View Post
    Nice I have made a pack
    I will add this to the first post also, and +Rep tonyqc.

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    what does this mean for the end user... i can believe that it has become more stable... btw which is better hermes or pl3...?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SinnerShanky View Post
    what does this mean for the end user... i can believe that it has become more stable... btw which is better hermes or pl3...?
    I have made this pack to stop noobs questions... Try and use the one you believe the best for you, and if you use PL3 use default_payload if your a noob.

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    sorry a bit offtopic, path_usb_default_app_home:

    .string "/dev_usb000/PS3/HOMEBREW/APP_HOME

    can anybody tell me, where and how to put my apps, to work as homebrew for example in multimanager? i tried different but nothing works.
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    Thanks for the first interesting News written in this new thread by an user !

    Good one !

    I think we should make 2 things.

    1. A guide, which explains the technical jargon of words, which you read often here.
    2. A Maybe a thread, where you can find every developer board/cell phone/dongle, which can use for Jailbreak. An alphabetic list of the devices, with every file where you can jailbreak it. Where you can find always the newest *.hex files (official or homebrew) and see which function is added. I would make such a list, if it is desired.


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