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    If anyone on PSN gets banned, it should be the cheaters. I don't mean temp ban, i mean permanent ban... ban you by MAC address or whatever method they can do... do like the Xbox360. Cheating = Permanent Ban.

    I don't know how they could really detect cheaters b/c I don't know anything about how they monitor if any monitoring... but I think cheaters should be punished with permanent ban...

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    They are. They ($ony) cant ban as there is no reason but the devs do. The latest ban wave on the COD Black Ops servers are for all the cheaters and the games did get a little better for a few days then its back to normal now. COD still sucks online.
    Try MOH or BBC2 as they are both great and no cheaters there. They are also a LOT more fun online.

    $ony don't ban consoles so don't expect it anytime soon.


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