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    PS3 Jailbreak Game Update Questions

    So I have a PS3 that is not connected to the internet, but I'd still like to install updates for my games/game backups. I've made some progress on the subject but I'm a little unsure.

    First, for my Little Big Planet (BCUS98208) GotY backup, I've followed the links from the guide here and I've been denied access from my PC for the Debug Update, but I've made it to the page for Retail update. I've downloaded the first pkg file but it occurred to me that maybe more recent patches (1.30 for example) would contain all older updates. Do they, or do I need to download and install each of the pkg files? Also, do I need to modify my eboot.bin after applying updates via ftp/usb storage (and if so, how)?

    Second, I've noticed updates here for Demon's Souls (add-on). Now is the add-on a separate title ID, because my Demon's Souls title ID is BLUS30443. Is downloading that file essentially downloading the add-on, and will it in turn work with my Demon's Souls backup (if so, where do I need to put the file to work)?

    Thanks for reading all this to help out a noob.

    Edit: I figured everything out with my Demon's Souls copy- it's the US version, so it's already updated. However, my question about patching LBP still stands.
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    i tried to do the same, but to no success... been trying to find new ways to see how to get around my screwups... have you made any progress yet?

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    You can download the updates off here, they are PKG files, so you can just install PKG files on your jailbroken PS3... which means, yes you'll need jailbroken PS3 or GeoHots CFW or the upcoming (hopefully) 3.55 CFW that will let you install Package files.