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    Quote Originally Posted by gregl View Post
    Are you able to take an decrypted eboot from one of the games you installed on your external hdd, and then put that eboot into the files you got after using this iso2jb program and see if it works. It has to be the same game obviously.
    This would work afaik, however I am unable to test this for obvious reasons...

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    You dont need ISO2BJ at all.

    Just extract the files from ISO with any compatible program.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thering View Post
    Dear god, this guy is brilliant. I've got a sizable collection of isos, but no eboots...l ets see what we can do to fix this
    I've got many games but they are PAL Europe. When my Olimex AVR-USB-162 arives I will backup some games and see what I can do with some Eboot.bin's 20 games so a lot of backupping to do

    Why don't we create our own Backup Loader with the PS3 SDK. And make an option available to patch a certain game within the list. Then it's even easier offcourse!
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    sucks its not working yet, waiting on my blackcat!

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    Again, this WON'T work. There are two kinds of encryptions on ps3 games, one being disc layer encryption and the other being .self encryption (EBOOT.BIN). PS3 backup manager is capable of removing the disc layer encryption because a BD disc is transparent in lv2 (a.k.a, gameos). but you still have a retail-signed EBOOT.bin with media flag and all those goodies.

    Since we have control over lv2, we need to code a program to dump the decrypted EBOOT.BIN in the background when an original game is launched.

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    The download era for the ps3 is about to begin.

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    Credit goes to: dnniwa485

    PS3IsoJb.. creates the backup job creation via your PC.. with the ISO image disc.

    tried downloading one... since i got Tales oF Vesperia PS3 ISO downloaded last week since the PSjailbreak reported... tried this one.. and it creates same file structure as you see inside the ISO file.


    tested and works..
    Can you test it ?

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    Every report I've seen suggests the tool itself runs and does what it says it'll do (creates the file structure, etc) but when you go to actually play the game it will not run because the eboot is still encrypted... so it's a step in the right direction but not a solution at this point.

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    some sort of homebrew that would allow us to ftp to our ps3 would help all this move along faster IMO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by darksithlord View Post
    some sort of homebrew that would allow us to ftp to our ps3 would help all this move along faster IMO.
    like the loading of game dumps over some type of Free NAS software ?


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