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    PS3 Inven v1.2 - PS3 JailBreak Game Organizer for PC Arrives

    Recently PS3Win was updated, and today another PS3 JailBreak game organizer for PC has arrived called PS3 Inven with version 1.2.

    Currently the PS3 Inven application by is in Spanish, with both a normal and full version that includes the database and PlayStation 3 covers available.

    Download: PS3 Inven v1.2 / PS3 Inven v1.2 (Full)

    To quote: Essentially, this app keeps a database of all games you have downloaded/installed and even lets you print a neat, organized list of them.

    Extract to root of your computer's hard drive (e.g.. C:Ps3_inven)

    Version 1.2 brings the following:

    -Correction of several bugs and optimized code.
    -The folder is added to net when you get off the covers they will go here.
    -Now you can download the cover of the game automatically from the Internet.
    -Slight change of image.

    PS3 Inven v1.2 - PS3 JailBreak Game Organizer for PC Arrives

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    If you use the Light version the app won't run and give me an error that the file bd.mdb could not be found. Also they should add 3d covers to download. Remember it WON'T work on win 7 x64.

    To get it work you have to:

    Light version:

    - DL the Light version
    - Get the attached rar and put the bd.mdb file into your sytem 32 folder
    - Put the Inven.exe into C:
    - If you got Win 7 x64 start the app with compatibility mode for XP

    Full Version:

    - DL the Full version
    - Extract the Full version into C:
    - Take the bd.mdb and copy it into your sytem 32 folder
    - For win 7 same like above

    Greets Modmate
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    Interesting, also thanks for the info modmate !

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    Great program, will give it a try! Thanks to the Dev.

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    In compatibility mode for Windows 7 x64 (XP SP3) worked but not this one holding the cover images.